If you know me at all, you'd be pity-laughing at the title and shaking your head in disapproval. Can you believe it's been 3 months since I've written a blog post? Oh, how bad I am. I'm sorry. First things first, I owe you something, don't I? I never posted the mornings playlist for Autumn!

Without further ado, grab yourself your fuzziest blanket, your warm cup of chai, sit by the window and watch the shadows dance across your neighbor's house as the sun comes up. Get acquainted with some of my favorites (and I'm sure they're many of your favorites, too!) as you welcome your day. Let's pretend we've still got the pretty colors of fall outside the window, shall we?

Autumn Mornings, Vol. 1

1) Beach House / Myth
2) Bon Iver / Towers
3) Led Zeppelin / Going to California
4) Iron & Wine / Such Great Heights
5) Here We Go Magic / Fangela
6) Fleet Foxes / Mykonos
7) Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young / Our House
8) The Velvet Underground / Sunday Mornings
9) The Tallest Man on Earth / Love is All
10) Kurt Vile / Wakin on a Pretty Day
11) Joni Mitchell / A Case of You

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Now that you've got the playlist, listen to it a whole bunch and catch up with me in a few days when I blog again about my fantastic year, what's to come in 2015, and more on January 1st.