I used to say I disagreed with New Year's Resolutions. I believed if you truly wanted change, why not start at any time? Why not always resolve to be your best? It seemed a simple idea.


Well, the answer? I had a busy year. I kept going and going and going. For me, checking in on the arbitrary guidelines and loose goals I tried to set for myself never worked. I didn't have a start and stop date. I didn't have a large block of time set up to dictate when my deadline was. The wonderful reality about New Year's resolutions is that the start date and the end date are concrete. You have until December 31st to complete what you say you are going to do. To save up for that trip you've been meaning to go on, to get that raise you've been fighting for, to eat better, love more, lose the weight. Within this allotted time, you are given a huge window of opportunity to get s*** done. 


This year I got married, I started turning my Instagram project into a business (which is nowhere near it's final destination), I got a second job, we moved into a home we love, we honeymooned, I got sick, I got better.  I hosted a beautiful brunch with my dear friend Rebecca. I helped instruct at an amazing branding workshop hosted by Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design called the Brand Market. I went on some fun trips. I worked with brands I really like. I wrote for a brand new independent magazine and became dear friends with the editor and publisher. I was written about in a local publication. I met a lot of really, really unbelievably special people... but I still have so much to do.


What changed? Why do I believe in resolutions? I realized that with how busy I was, if I didn't have a start and stop date, I was giving myself too many allowances and making too many justifications for not achieving what I wanted. I had a GREAT year. I had such a great year that I want this year to be better. I KNOW it can be better, so I resolve to do.

One of our goals for the home is to get the rooms decorated exactly how we want. Our bedroom, pictured above, is a work in progress.

One of our goals for the home is to get the rooms decorated exactly how we want. Our bedroom, pictured above, is a work in progress.

My goals for this year? They're split up among three keywords:

  • Clean / Eat clean. Live clean. Keep my relationships pure and unadulterated. 
  • Organized / Organize my time better. Organize my home and simplify what needs modifying.
  • Intentional / Be attentive and aware. Make decisions because I want to and I know why. Practice good habits and know the reasons for them.

Of course, I have specific goals that tie in with these words, but those are more personal... Like specific amounts of money I want to make, goals for the home, places I want to go. Regardless of what your goals are, write them down and revisit them often. You give them power when you give them attention. When you nurture your goals, recognize where you're falling short, and keep record of your progress.

I believe 2015 will be a tremendous year of growth for me. I believe the same for you. I want to work with people more, gather more, own less, love more, worry less, and press forward. I still believe in spreading the word on the importance of mindful mornings and reflective moments. They're worth more than anything. Giving yourself a moment or two to just be as you are and how you want is invaluable. 

These are reasons why I resolve to do. Why do you?