In honor of the season, and my general love for eating (especially with friends), I've teamed up with the wonderful community for home design lovers, at{mine}, to host a table styling giveaway. We are so excited to get these goodies in your hands! Falcon Enamelware was so gracious to partner with us for this... I've been using my goods constantly since I got them in the mail a few weeks ago. Their pie set is probably my favorite. The set comes with five different sizes of nesting serveware. I chose Falcon's signature color: white with a blue rim. They're so versatile and so, for lack of a better word, photogenic! I can see myself using these for years and years to come. Also, the tumblers in pigeon grey are the perfect color of dusty grey. They are so, so good!

To celebrate the launch of the giveaway, I made breakfast for my girlfriends. Eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, and an heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad (I'm pretty sure that's one of their staple meals) adorned the table. The smell of the cinnamon rolls was heavenly and filled the entire studio with excitement for brunch. The girls finished some work while I was in the kitchen preparing our meal. When I started setting the table, I realized I didn't have enough knives that matched... leave it to me to show up without flatware. So? We made do without knives. It felt like such a big blunder on my part - but I realized, gathering for meals and setting a table isn't for show. It's not about doing things perfectly, it's about doing things with heart. I wanted to treat my girls to brunch, so I'll be damned if a lack of knives was going to stop me.

So, to summarize, you (yes, you!) can style a table. You don't need all of the things you see on pinterest. Heck, I didn't have knives. You don't need expensive, designer serve ware. One of my favorite stylists used bricks once to elevate a big pot on a table and it STILL looked incredible (looking at you, Rebecca!). You don't need the finest china or silver. You need heart. Heart... and a hungry belly. You might not execute your tabletop style the way a professional stylist would, but setting a table shows intention. It is hospitable, inviting, and your guests will feel at home.

at{mine} has been such an inspiration when it comes to how I want to decorate and host guests this season. The website is full of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining spaces decorated and designed so perfectly that I am so tempted to finally buy those last few home decor items I've been eyeing to finish our space. ;) Don't tell my husband, though. He doesn't have to know.

Onto the giveaway details! Drumroll, please...

There are two ways to enter. The first way, Instagram:

1) Follow @atmine and @morningslikethese.
2) Upload your table setting photo (upload as many as you want and increase your chances to win!)
3) Tag your image with #StyleAtMine and #MorningsLikeThese

You can also enter on at{mine}:

1) Make an account on at{mine}.
2) Follow Mornings Like These.
3) Upload your photo to your at{mine} profile.
4) Tag your photo with #MorningsLikeThese 

The giveaway runs from Nov. 1 - Nov. 30... so this means those beautiful Thanksgiving tabletops? YES! Those can be entered for the giveaway. The giveaway is open internationally.

The prizes are as follows:
One first prize winner will win a Falcon Enamelware set of their choice, courtesy of at{mine}
Two runner-ups will each win a Falcon Enamelware pie set and a set of tea towels in Pillarbox Red.

So my friends, I invite you to join your friends and family. Get in the kitchen. Make a meal with heart. Style your table. Snap a photo and give us a peek of your beautiful work. We can't wait to see how you all style and inspire this season.