I recently stumbled upon this beautiful photoshoot put together by some friends of mine and I have been awestruck ever since. Seeing these beautiful images makes me so happy. What a blessing it is to delight in the land and the promises of each new day. I know it sounds so whimsical and poetic, and perhaps a bit over the top, but our joy directly reflects our mindset. Our mindset is controlled by us. We can make the choice to feel joy from the moment we wake every morning. It's hard and it takes practice, but feeling joy is free and it is our most powerful weapon combatting a bad day or a negative person.

I especially love these photos not just because they are geared toward mornings, but also because of the peace represented in each moment. Alyssa Sieb did a fantastic job capturing the tranquility that AnaMichele represents so well. I hope that you find moments this spring to get out early, enjoy the feeling of grass beneath your feet, the smell of coffee in your cup, love the company you keep and the promise of the day ahead of you.

Photos by Alyssa Sieb. Modeled by AnaMichele Babyak