At the end of July, we moved into our new home in Alexandria. We bought and sold at the same time which was a whirlwind but we were in good hands! We have been undergoing a renovation since we moved in that is drastically transforming our first floor. An updated bathroom, all new floors, and a larger, modernized kitchen are all on the docket. I cannot wait to share before and afters.


We didn’t have a kitchen or dining space to eat, cook or store many groceries for a while so it was a lot of takeout and microwave dinners for us. I didn’t love it, but it was great for familiarizing us with new restaurants and favorite places to eat! Ollie has taken to our new home quite well and Peter's commute to work is close to nothing. It's a really amazing way of life we've fallen into and I love it. It's taught us patience and gratitude beyond what we previously knew. Living in between two bedrooms for a month with a busy, crawling 11 month old who gets into everything has been a feat. We are so ready for more space!


What I don't love is this cold I've had for weeks. It just won't quit! We had our oven installed recently and I decided my first time using it would be on a frothy, nourishing Golden Milk Latte. It took me five minutes to throw together and it hit the spot with lifting my spirits, despite these swollen sinuses and this itchy throat. Thank goodness for my milk frother (I use this one by Domestic Corner on Amazon) which has been a godsend when it comes to warming milk for tea, making tea lattes and cappuccinos. I used a milk frother for this recipe, which I'll attach below:



- Pour 1/4 c. milk (I did a mix of macadamia milk and 2%), 1/4 tsp honey, 1/2 tsp turmeric and 1/4 tsp cinnamon into saucepan and set to medium heat. 

- Vigorously stir the pot while the contents warm up to blend all spices together. Warm for 2-3 minutes. 

- While that is happening, pour 3/4 c. milk of your choice into milk frother (I used this beautiful Domestic Corner Martinique frother!) and froth til machine turns off (be sure to have the proper whisk attachment on!). 

- Take mixture off the stove and pour into your favorite mug. Top it with all of your frothed milk and cinnamon! Enjoy. 



Our kitchen is nearing completion and when it's done, you'll see much more of it. You may even see more of this beautiful copper frother, too. I am so ready for cooler temperatures and warmer foods. The spiciness of this Golden Milk Latte is perfect for fall... or, when you're sick like me. Be well, friends! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Domestic Corner. The opinions and text are all mine.