Kinfolk Honey Harvest Workshop in Middleburg, VA

My dear friend Emma and I recently had the pleasure of attending the Kinfolk Magazine Honey Harvest Workshop in Middleburg, VA hosted by Rebecca from adailysomething and the kind people of Goodstone Inn. Some other gems helped make it possible like the ladies of Sweetroot Village and a generous donation of out-of-this-world delicious bread by a lady starting a baking company called Knead and Know. I was lucky to make a slew of new friends! We had the most delicious spread of breads, cheeses, fruits and nuts prior to walking to the hives and seeing how the beekeepers tend to the hives. Naturally, I stayed a generous distance away from the hives but was close enough to catch some good information. Following observing the hives, I was able to infuse my own honey with spices and herbs, some of them locally grown and dried. I went with my go-to's of lavender and chamomile. It smells out of this world. In another week or so, I'll be able to try it but until then, I have the pleasure of watching it on the kitchen shelf. ;) Here are some other snaps I was able to take while visiting the farm.

I know this isn't a morning-related posted and for that I apologize, however this was such a fun event that I had to share. I am looking forward to more workshops and meeting new creatives in my area. I'm already enamored of the new friends from the last one! Can't wait.