The beginning:

Well, folks... Hello! This is the beginning of our long, inspiring journey together. While this started out as a means to inspire myself on a daily basis, I have found such a solid group of people to share the journey with. Here I will share your recipes, photos, and stories while documenting my own journey in finding joy in each new day. Every morning is unique and ripe; Unflawed and presented just as it is meant to be. It is our very essence to attach meaning and experience to each day. I thank you for your attention and participation.

A little about myself... I am Joy Elizabeth Jaynes. I have 4 siblings, a cute dog, and a handsome fiance named Peter. I live in an apartment in Del Ray which is right on the edge of Old Town Alexandria, just a few short miles from Washington, DC. I am driven by the idea that life can get better and better through the actions I choose to take and the way I choose to see things. My favorite time of day is, as you guessed, mornings. They hold such promise! We might not be able to control what lies ahead as each day unfolds but we can control how we start our day. Won't you share a morning with me?

Celebrate ritual.
Celebrate change.
Celebrate mornings.