MLTWY: Allison Strang

Mornings Like These With You
Feature No. 02
Allison Strang

It was hard to miss her walking out of her condo building at 8:45 AM on a chilly fall morning. Allison, with her platinum hair, was wearing a vintage bright blue oversized kaftan with a feather in her hair, fully equipped with a baby on her hip. It was such a sweet reception at such an early hour. Carter, her baby, was all smiles as I entered their home, explored her collection of odds and ends, photographed her space and sat down to talk to her. 

MLT: Hi Allison! Thanks for spending time this morning. Are you a morning lover like me? 
AS: I've become a morning lover. The past year and a half, I haven't slept past 9 AM. Having a son made me enjoy my mornings. He's a ball of energy all the time and it's so much fun. 

MLT: I know you have an adorable son, Carter… how has he impacted your love for the morning hours? 
AS: He gives me pure entertainment when I wake up. All smiles and he always wants to play. You have no choice! If you don't pay attention to him, he's screaming!  

MLT: What is your favorite thing to do in the morning with him?
AS: Lay around in bed or on the couch and play. I love making him laugh. I'll take him outside and we'll sit on the deck or walk around the lake. There are fish, turtles, ducks and geese out there so it's a lot of fun for him.

MLT: What were your mornings like before starting a family?
AS: I didn't have mornings! I slept. I would sleep until 1 pm then go into work. Even when I worked retail, I always worked in the afternoons. I was NEVER a morning person and there's no way I thought I'd be functioning at 9 AM… but then I had my son. Haha!

MLT: I know you're a shop owner. How does that tie into your morning routine?
AS: I get a lot done in the mornings now. I can process my orders and get things together. I feel like I get a lot done now that I wake up earlier. I feel like I'm not swamped in the afternoons because I get a lot done earlier and that helps a lot. 

MLT: Do you have a favorite morning memory that you find yourself thinking back to? Where was it and who were you with?
AS: I don't know! All the times I had with my girlfriends or going to [Taylor's] house… Going to brunch, hanging out, laying around after long nights.  Oh, I do have one in specific! The morning after some party at Carolyn's… it was me, Alexis, Abdy, Carolyn and Nikki and we literally laid around playing "Who Would You Rather" for like six hours! Being able to spend time with people you love without having to do anything but still having the most fun… I miss that.

MLT: Are there any words that you live by? Words that keep you motivated?
AS: Hm… I always say "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I try to live what I preach. I'm very into fashion, thrifting, upcycling, doing DIY… So, I very much live the life I preach because these are things I believe in and are passionate about. Just with like how I want to raise my son… all of that applies. I want him to be raised in an artistic environment where he feels he can express who he is all the time no matter what. That's very important to me.

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Allison Strang is a full-time mom and shop owner at NEBULA. She sells vintage and gently-worn items to users of instagram and across the web. She lives with her family in Alexandria, VA. 

I thank Allison so much for allowing me into her home this morning for a Mornings Like These With You session. I feel honored and privileged to sit down with her, meet her family, photograph her space, and to share a morning. If you are interested in being featured on MLTWY, please email me at


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