Upcoming Kinfolk Workshop: Herbal Infusions

As a dog walker, I don't make much money. I quit my busy full-time job (that in retrospect, paid very well) to pursue something I wasn't quite sure of and took on dog walking as a part-time job. With the decision to leave my day job came plenty of doubt and plenty of worry... but I went fearlessly into the direction I felt was calling me. I don't buy myself nice things. I don't take myself out to fancy dinners. I can't make exceptions because every penny counts. I can, however, confidently spend money to purchase a ticket to an event that I know will be unforgettable. I can confidently say that spending an afternoon in a restored loft, surrounded by creatives (many of whom are my friends), learning to infuse herbs and spices while sipping cider will be worth every penny. I am happy to share that I just purchased my ticket for the November event brought to you by Kinfolk + West Elm: The Herbal Infusions Workshop. 

Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something is hosting the event with the wonderful assistance of my darlings at Sweet Root Village, Jen Olmstead of Tonic Site Shop, Gordy's Pickle Jar (handcrafted pickles from DC), Knead & Know (delicious bread from Middleburg, VA), Emerald Hill Farm and a few others. All these people are working together and contributing to put on one awesome workshop. We will have an opportunity to infuse herbs, sip hot cider and snack on a bounty of delicious handcrafted fare. 

I encourage you all to attend! If the Virginia workshop isn't close to you, check Kinfolk for a list of other workshops. You just might find one near you!