Showroom Visit: Stone Fox Bride

I went on a long weekend trip to New York City last Thursday and returned this past Sunday. On the train ride there, I was texting a friend and we got to talking about where I'd be trying on wedding dresses over the weekend for my upcoming nuptials in less than 3 months (eep). I had always loved Stone Fox Bride and wanted to consider them when picking my dress, but it wasn't until my friend reminded me they were in New York City that I got the idea to actually pay them a visit. I emailed them immediately and quickly received a response from a sweet gal named Nicole. After I got off the train, I dropped my belongings off at The Jane and head straight over to Stone Fox Bride.

Stone Fox Bride was founded by Molly Guy after her engagement in 2010. Her search for an edgy, stylish and true one-stop wedding shop in Manhattan led her nowhere. Determined to create a "groovy, enchanted wedding sanctuary", Guy founded SFB for the Anti-Bridezilla. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jackie O, Jessica Rabbit, Josephine Baker and other stone foxes, SFB works with deliciously intricate prints, delicate laces and vintage one-of-a-kind frocks to bring you your ultimate wedding dress.

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Stone Fox Bride is not only known for beautiful wedding dresses but also for unique veils, crowns and jewelry. They fight to make every unique Stone Fox feel beautiful and true on their special day. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? You. You; undeniably, unapologetically, sexy, and out of this world You. While I didn't find my dress on my visit, I felt feminine. Whimsical. Flirty. I felt like myself in their dresses. That's what it's all about, babes.

I am so happy that Nicole allowed me to play around in the fitting tent and take lots of photos during my visit. The Stone Fox Bride showroom just feels like a haven of womanly goodness; Bringing out your inner lioness by helping you harness your fearless individuality. If you're in NYC, are a bride-to-be or just a woman looking for a killer piece, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the showroom. The girls will make you feel right at home.

Thank you to Nicole of Stone Fox Bride for allowing me to romp around in the showroom. Can't wait to visit again. x