I voted Muesli

That's right! In the war of oatmeal vs. muesli, I voted muesli. Muesli takes me back to mornings in Brussels. Often times, I'd walk upstairs in the mornings and find a bowl of muesli soaking with milk on the counter left there by one of my host fathers. He would pour the milk in the bowl with the muesli, go about his morning and preparing for the day, then come back to the muesli and eat it once it had reached it's perfect level of softness. Following his example, I started eating muesli, also. When my friends at Seven Sundays reached out to me about trying out some of their muesli, I couldn't resist. I had to try it out and figure out my favorite way to eat it.

Seven Sundays is an All Natural Gourmet Muesli company based out of Minneapolis. They take great pride in their product and in making sure it is made of the best ingredients with no additives. Not only is it yummy, muesli is full of complex carbohydrates which are good for the body and give you boosts of energy. How do you take your muesli? I wasn't sure of my favorite style so I decided to shake things up.

1) Swiss Soak Method

For the swiss soak, leave milk or yogurt soaking with the muesli in the fridge over night. In the morning, take it out of the fridge, dress it with whatever you'd like, and eat! I put hemp seeds + agave on mine and it was delicious. Delicious... but still not my favorite. 

2) Ready To Chew

I'm no photographer so bear with me on these photos. ;) The photos don't do the muesli justice! For the ready to chew approach, just pour some milk or yogurt over your muesli and voila! All ready. Traditionally, I have always eaten my muesli with yogurt. I absolutely love greek yogurt and muesli only makes it that much more delicious. Delicious... buuuuut still not my favorite! Check out my favorite way below.

3) Hot 

We have reached the winner! I adore the hot method for eating muesli. Boil equal parts water and your favorite flavor of muesli and in 3 minutes (way quicker than oatmeal), you're ready to go. It takes no time and is unreal tasty. I sprinkled some cinnamon on mine and it made it even better! I chose the flavor Vanilla Cherry Pecan as my go-to this morning and I was so satisfied.

So what do you think? What's your favorite style of muesli? I'm still learning about all the different ways you can prepare your muesli but when in doubt, Seven Sundays lists different recipes on their boxes. So yes, I totally voted muesli.