The Gathering Project at The Loft at 600 F

I was invited by the sweet girls who created The Gathering Project to attend their first retreat on "Infusing Your Winter With Warmth." Jill Roy and Chelsea Rose Moore created The Gathering Project to bring people together to "eat, make, and fellowship." The Loft at 600 F supplied the space for the event and there were a handful of talented sponsors. It was not only sponsors that made this event divine, but the teachers came prepared and excited to teach. Among them was my dear friend Rebecca Gallop who taught us about hosting small gatherings and styling a winter table, Amy Showalter who instructed on how to handcraft a wreath or garland,   Erik Landstrom illustrating and instructing how to make beautiful hand-painted signage and hand-drawn type, and Rebekah Pizana wrapped up with seasonal cocktails. We were served a light breakfast and a hearty lunch, both of which were delicious. I've included tons of photos below.

Breakfast was assorted pastries, fruits, and yogurts. We also were served fantastic local coffee by LoCo Joe in Purcellville. Thank you Juanita for hanging around all day and keeping us caffeinated!

Glimpses of a winter tablescape by Rebecca Gallop

The Loft at 600 F had such charming accents. The space really lended itself beautifully to the aesthetic for the event. 

Amy Showalter assisting guests with wreath assembly

Always #bluronpurpose for café lights

More in the full blog post! Read ahead.

Erik assembling his small statement garland

Tamara Black holding up my wreath

The preppings before Rebecca Gallop's workshop.

Glimpses of Rebecca's workshop table.

Guests of the retreat were able to make their own personalized bag of mulled cider spices during Rebecca's workshop. These make fantastic gifts for guests who come to your home for gatherings or holidays.

The event was sponsored by the fantastic artisanal breadmaker Knead & Know from Leesburg, VA

Another peak at the beautiful bread by Knead & Know 

We had various gourmet sandwiches on fresh baguettes, couscous and salad for lunch. 

Erik Landstrom with his hand-painted sign during the signage workshop

Before going head first into painting on our own boards, Erik had us practice basic lines and strokes with a paint brush. 

Using recycled wood, we all had the opportunity to paint our own signs for the home. I decided to paint a sign for my wedding in 7 weeks!

Glimpses of Rebekah Pizana's workshop on seasonal drinks. Rebekah also gave us jars of a fig and thyme whiskey tincture to take home, as well as a small jar of coconut oil and red pepper flakes for the chocolate cocktail. 

This drink had chocolate, tequila, kahlua, and coconut milk. The freshly grated chocolate on the top made it so charming to me. 

I had my hands full of goodies when I walked out of the loft yesterday. Jill and Chelsea did such a great job organizing the event for their first retreat and lucky for us, they'll be offering another retreat in June on hosting a Summer dinner. Attendees were given a Gathering Project tote bag full of wonderful treats from the sponsors. In our totes, we were also given a code for 25% off the next workshop. I'm looking forward to what the girls are coming up with for the next event and I hope to make it! There was so much time and love put into this event and I was so privileged to attend.

Many thanks to all of the partners involved in this event that I have yet to mention: Birch Fields Photography, Kaufmann Mercantile, Lily and Val, June Jars, and Eric Nielsen. 

I hope to see you all at the next gathering!