Snow Day Reads / Mornings with Millay Vintage

It's a snow day here in the district. Loving the inspiration we get from this lady, we decided to take a quick glimpse into a morning with Mary Spears, owner of Millay Vintage

The morning hours: there is something about them that can’t be matched—a concept that the lovely Joy understands well and has found a beautiful way of creating a community with via Mornings Like These. Through this community, the photos and words that are shared convey common threads that reverberate in each of our morning rituals. But there is also a range of diversity in how we each celebrate and capture mornings in distinct and different ways.

So what do my mornings look like?

In short, they can be characterized by streams of light, soft music, strong, strong coffee, and a good ole liquid ink pen and pad of paper.

I’m lucky enough to have windows that face the sunrise, so I’m literally woken as the sun comes up and pours light into our room and over our bed. And while I do count myself a "morning person,” the first things I need are music and coffee before anything else can happen. (Seriously…before all else: coffee. That’s my mantra.) So as water boils on the stove for the french press, I play a record—specifically, Carole King lately (something about her seems to warm up our chilly Boston apartment).

As the owner of Millay Vintage, I wear a lot of different hats. My days jump from shooting photos, sourcing and organizing inventory, hand washing then tailoring and making repairs to garments, editing photos, creating listings, managing social media, book keeping, packaging sales, so on and so forth. Getting organized and making my daily to-do lists in the morning is absolutely critical for me to keep my head on straight and get the most out of every minute of the day. Not only that, but taking the time to be present in my small morning traditions sets the tone for my day: it gives me some time to look back at where I’ve been and motivates me to push forward with all my dreams and goals. These moments make all the difference in where my days and weeks go both on a business and personal level, so I selfishly indulge in them — coffee in hand, puppy in lap, croissant in mouth. I make no apologies. :)

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I'm thankful to Mary for giving us a little glimpse of her space and for sharing how important routine can be in promoting mindful, productive living. Mary's fantastic vintage shop's namesake takes after one of my all time favorite poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay. Check out her shop and blog. The snippets of her life that she shares are beautiful and she curates one heck of an instagram

All photos courtesy of Mary Spears.