On Creatively Motivating Myself

After two months, hello! What a whirlwind the last two months have been. As some of you know, I got married. I've been working more hours at a new job. I'm moving into a studio space with girls I love and adore. I'm partnering with companies and magazines on projects. How fun, right? And with everyday, motivating myself remains a full-time job.

A girlfriend and I got together a few weeks back to catch up. We decided to see one another that upcoming weekend and take photos around Old Town, not far from my home. We knew that if we wanted to stay creatively engaged, teaming up with friends is the best way to do it. Let's go out and see what we can find.

We wandered about town on foot and stopped to eat food. We talked about goals, what we certainly don't want out of life, and what we do want. If you want to motivate yourself, tell a friend where you are needing encouragement and let them help you along the way. 

There is also the option of not going out in search of it, but instead going to a place you know is an endless source of inspiration to you. This past Monday, I decided to have brunch with a dear friend of mine, Rebecca of A Daily Something. Her beautiful home is in Purcellville, VA so I packed a little snack in the early morning and hit the road. 

We had a lovely brunch of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. When I arrived, Rebecca was tinkering with the chemex on the stove. She had already prepared the table for us to sit and ultimately, we ended up spending hours talking. She is such a host and she makes everyone feel forever welcome in her home.

Baby Zoe was all smiles!

I knew if I needed somewhere to go for companionship, inspiration and motivation, it was Rebecca's home. She is a prop stylist, DIY enthusiast and event planner who is full of ideas. We talked about staying authentic to your brand, knowing your worth as a creative or blogger, and finding a happy medium between life and work. Seeing her was motivating and inspiring and just what I needed to feel ready and excited to take the next step.

I learned through spending time with my girlfriends that I feel most motivated when I stick true to my mission: having creative mornings. Putting myself in creative atmospheres. Pushing myself to stay inspired through action.

I hope this spring that you have a goal and it resounds deep within you. I hope that you do things that keep you creatively engaged and inspired. I hope that I can be your friend and we can grow together and motivate each other. 


This weekend, Emma and I are back doing Mornings Like These With You features once again. This time, we are going to a local Graphic Designer's home to peep his space and that afternoon, I'll be attending the Topaz + Arrow Workshop on Paper Lanterns + Cherry Blossoms. A weekend jam-packed with creative individuals and I couldn't be more thrilled. Will you be at the workshop? See you there!