Warning: This post contains lots. and lots. and lots lots lots of photos.

I am such a blessed woman. I have always known that but it was brought to my attention, especially, during the wedding planning process. I have a wonderful man and talented, giving, selfless friends. I just have to share with people who are soon to be married or hope to be married what I learned during the process of planning our "big day".

One thing, and it's a big thing: Close the books. Get off Pinterest. Spend time with your partner. One of the best things I did during my planning process was choosing to ditch all of those wedding mags I bought and stay off websites. I learned nothing about myself or my partner through the beautiful images other people shared from their big days. Of course, if you feel it helps you get styling ideas, then certainly... use every resource available to lead you to your ideal day. For me, and for my husband, we were so grateful that everything about this wedding was how we wanted it to be. We tossed aside the idea of what it should look like and welcomed the idea of what we will make it together.

Secondly, let things go wrong. Let them go terribly, terribly wrong. One thing I was especially grateful for on our wedding day was how little we cared about things going right. At the end of the day, I was going to be his wife. That is the long and short of it. We actually almost set fire to the venue, I almost walked down the aisle without a bouquet, and half of my family was late arriving to my wedding (if you're reading this: it's okay guys, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!). I don't think I had one frantic, worried moment the entire day. Let the love and acceptance into your heart because that day, things will go as things will go.

NOW. For the moment some of you have been waiting for. A huge, huge, huge photo dump. Before I sign off, I'd love to thank everyone who contributed to our big day:

Fathom Gallery

Le Pain Quotidien

Nienke Izurieta Photography

Invitations / Banner design / Stamp design / Boutonnieres:
Kelsey Lesko

Sweet Root Village

A Daily Something

Bride's Hair: Ruth Harper

Bridal Party Makeup: Annabelle Sullivan