El Camino Travel brings you a POP-UP VACAY!


The talented babes behind the all-new El Camino Travel are bringing you an amazing local pop-up vacay! Not only that... we are offering followers of MLT $10 off admission until July 20th! Why? Because we love you and want you to play some SERIOUS HOOKY at work to enjoy this amazing one day excursion.

What is a Pop Up Vacay? It is an excuse to take a vacation, relax, and #yolo the hell out of life in the middle of the week. It keeps with the spontaneous and adventurous vibe of El Camino and is a preview of the atmosphere that El Camino is committed to providing on all of its trips, in whatever part of the world we may be. 
Where: A quarry turned swimming hole on the outskirts of Baltimore aka Beaver Dam Swim Club. This includes a rope swing, diving board, and several floating docks. This place is magical.
When: Wednesday, August 6th from 10AM to 5PM
Price: $85 if you sign up before 7/28 and $95 thereafter. 
Includes: Oversized inflatable swans and inflatable half eaten donuts, thesweet sweet sounds of DJ Ayescold (our official El Camino Music Curator), creative photographer extraordinare Emma McAlary (you will get access to these photos soon after the event), delicious food, table settings that you might freak out about, transportation there and back, a copy of the beautifully designed and wanderlust filled Boat Mag, and a special appearance by #yolo and #vacay. 
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El Camino Travel is a company for those who desire something more profound during their experiences abroad. We provide highly curated and authentic group trips to unique places around the world. Each group is accompanied by a creative photographer with an eye for the extraordinary. 10% of profits go to a local social entrepreneur who is radically changing the destination of choice. BE A TRAVELER, NOT A TOURIST. 

Interested in attending? Sign up and enter promotional code 'elcaminoMLT' at checkout for your discount! Valid only until midnight the evening of July 20th.